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McKenzie Brown

I have been "doing yoga" since I was 14 or so, but I never really found yoga, what it meant to me, with all of its pieces, until about four years ago when I really needed it. I drank in the idea of the beauty and reconnection to self that yoga brings. This reconnection to myself through yoga gave me to the desire to share the opportunity for reconnection to self with others; leading me to pursue becoming RYT 200, which I achieved through Erin Bowman Yoga School in the fall of 2018, followed by becoming aerial yoga certified the following February.

Along with the reconnection to self, yoga brings me a deeper connection to the world around me. I have a passion for selfless and sustainable service and compassion for our earth, including all the living creatures that share our planet. I have begun my herbalist journey and work with essential oils daily, moving towards a non-toxic and sustainable life, that honors myself and the world around me.

My teaching style is a little bit flowy, a little bit feeling, a little bit playful… but really it’s all about the journey to Savasana! Though alignment and structure weave their way into my classes, I am much more interested in people finding a pose in a way that meets their body and meets their BREATH. I strive to hold space for everyone to come exactly as they are; celebrating versatility and uniqueness while recognizing the similar thread that connects us all to each other and the world around us. Come curious and get ready to feel with your breath!

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