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Lan Carpenter

I feel honored to have taken my 200 hour Anusara teacher training in Portland about fifteen years ago, with Sarahjoy Marsh, who is a nationally recognized and loved yogi. The elements of Anusara Yoga still inspire and fuel the way I teach.  The first point of alignment in Anusara is to Open To Grace.  Yoga has the potential to offer each of us an opportunity to open ourselves up to something bigger than ourselves, and through that process begin to peel away some of the layers inside of us that can create barriers from learning to accept and love ourselves.  My focus is to help each person experience freedom and joy in yoga with an eye for keeping each person safe and creating a sense of community within each class. Incorporating pranayama, or breath work, as a method to center and calm our busy minds and threading yogic philosophy into each class is another element you will find in my classes.  I continue to study with teachers that inspire me to delve deeper and continue to refine my teaching.  I love teaching a slowed down version of vinyasa and yet I am also passionate about teaching Shoulder and Back Care Yoga, as it gives me the opportunity to help people learn how to heal, how to strengthen and lengthen muscles, and how to find balance both inside the yoga class and hopefully bring those elements back out into their world.  I believe that "You are never too old, too tired, too busy, or too out of shape to come to yoga". Forty five years after I taught my first class I am even more passionate about yoga and the benefits it offers each of us.

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