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Jessie Tay

Jessie has been a student and practitioner in the movement and wellness industry for over 15 years. After working as a personal trainer at several athletic clubs in the Seattle area,
Jessie completed her first yoga teacher training while in school studying Exercise Science. This was a pivotal moment in her life. Offering a deeper connection, a source of healing, and greater physical understanding, Yoga quickly became the main focus of her education and personal practice.

Jessie dedicated the next 10 years to teaching and continuing her education in several yoga and wellness disciplines. Although she appreciates every style of yoga, Jessie identifies most with Vinyasa. She loves the fluidity and creative sequencing, as well as the option for a more heart pumping mind/body experience.

In addition to yoga, Jessie is very passionate about her performance aerial practice, specializing in Aerial Sling. Eventually, Jessie combined her education in human movement with her love of aerial arts to develop an aerial yoga program and teacher training.

In 2020, Jessie and her family moved from Portland to their McMinnville farm where they have been building their homestead and offering sanctuary to rescue animals in need.
Jessie believes that perpetual students make the best teachers, and her classes are a reflection of her ever evolving practice and experience.

Education and Experience 
- NFPT Personal Training Certification
Seattle, WA
- NASM Persinal Training Certification
Seattle, WA
- Clark College, Athletic Training Program,
Vancouver, WA
- Yoga Fit Yoga Teaching Certification,
Vancouver, WA
- Yoga Fit Prenatal/Postnatal Teaching Certification
Vancouver, WA
- Yoga Medicine 200 hr Yoga Teacher Certification
Napa, CA
- Yoga Medicine 60 Hour Chinese Medicine & Myofascial release certification
Catskills, NY
- Yoga Medicine 60 hour Spine Certification
Koa Samuai, Thailand
- Yoga Medicine 60 Hour Shoulder Certification
Seattle, WA
- Yoga Medicine Cadavar Lab Anatomy Training
Phoenix, AZ
- Kula for Karma Trauma Informed Training
Vancouver, WA
- 2015-2020 Founder/ President & Instructor
Simply Yoga Vancouver, Movement & Wellness Non-profit

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