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Carissa Felix

One of the many reasons why I love yoga is the connection that you can create between your breath, your body and your consciousness. The experience that one can find on a yoga mat is truly miraculous, the stillness of one's mind. ”Yoga is a journey through the self, to the self.- The Bhagavad Gita.”

My teaching style is intuitive and breath centered. I enjoy creative yoga flows paired with good music. I teach several styles of yoga, specializing in vinyasa. I enjoy a challenging practice where there is no time to think, you have to be present in the moment and present in the body. Finding a sense of balance, I also have been drawn to teaching a much slower and breath connected style of yoga. There are so many ways to practice and there are so many ways to find one's self. My hope is that everyone finds their own path, honors the journey and finds their awe.

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